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Compulsory Home Page: Financial Slavery Training

Once this training is completed, you will be a true cashfag, a real moneyslave owned and controlled by Me. It is your fate. you can't do anything to hinder it. This is already too late faggot because you keep reading Me even if you know that it will lead to your financial slavery.

I am a 21 years old, straight, powerful, skilled and ingenious CashMaster. This means that I am only interested in your fag cash.


your financial slavery started to rise in your mind 21 years ago, when I was born. This irresistible urge grew up in your brain when I exploited a faggot for the first time. your need to become My slave and the size of your wallet are now respectively ripe and plump. Time for all that fag cash to surge !

This is how your training begins: Rush faggot to all traps below LOL!

Read 50 ways to explain why you are My moneyslave. My Motto is genuine and straightforward. Do not worry, your training is verified by VISA! Do you really know what a monopoly is?

Time has come for you faggot to become an ATM. And to celebrate your promotion as an ATM with a special cocktail HAHA!

your imprisonment, your custody in financial slavery takes shape piece of shit! There is no reason to stop:

When I say that I am 100% dominant, I mean it!


This is your future. Have you received a paycheck today? May be even a bonus LOL? I perfectly know what you need piece of shit!

Move on with a recap about the meaning of Financial Domination. I will not stop here faggot. I will NEVER stop. What awaits you is Financial Destruction.

Of course cashfags like you scumbag hunger for humiliation. Humiliating you is a good way to take even MORE fagcash:

Guess a sentence ! - Negotiating ? - Which day is good to exploit you ? - you are so weak HAHA ! - What about a Slavexit LOL ? - Lower the rate ???

June 2016 was GREAT for Me!


Yes faggot, you have understood that you are fucked up but it is far too late LOL! This will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER... stop! Is it the end of the month ?

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