Phone Sex

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Are you searching all over cyberspace and still can't find her? Well you found her right here. She is just on the other side of that keypad. Wow! What excitement you feel as your whole body quivers at the very thought that a real femdom mature all woman might actually talk to you! You shush that little head between your legs down, as you try to figure out what to say to her when she answers the phone. Hmmmm Well how about starting with introducing yourself with your first name, your age, and then say how it's wonderful to have the honor of hearing her voice at that moment.

Now of course since she can't see your eyes, she will not automatically be convinced you are not a fake, or that you called just to play head games with her. You know this so after her response of skepticism, you explain why you are looking for a fimdom in the first place. Don't give your life story but be sure to be honest and to the point. This fimdom does not like a bunch of boring chatter zzzzzz so don't waste her time.

You must realize each person has their own personality, which means she will make her own decisions, and YOU will respect them, as she learns who you are; learn if you are sincere, and then decide if your offerings will be accepted or not. This Fimdom expects YOU to be mature enough to know what is a decent offering and what is not. She also expects you to prove you are sincere in keeping your word. If you are a grown man then you will deeply enjoy the sensation of giving freely to this special fimdom without any fuss at all, and in fact, it will take all of your reserved energy you can fine to keep that little head down there from exploding as you please this fimdom.

She will say goodbye and will hang up immediately if you are wasting her time. If she accepts you, then the details after that point will be worked out between you and her.