Phone Sex

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Financial domination. PTV's. Clicking. Tributes. Raise the Rate. Blackmail. Addiction.

It excites you. It's arousing. It's addicting. It's hard to stop. It's out of control. It's shameful. It's humiliating. You promise yourself 'this is the last time' over and over again. You can't seem to break the cycle.

Most men addicted to financial slavery see beautiful women as totally out of their reach, and feel that the only way to please them is with their cash.  This is a huge insecurity and a manifestation of low self-esteem. This is no joke it’s a serious addiction that can truly fuck up your life!

Financial domination addiction is brought about by constantly thinking and associating the feeling of orgasm to sending dommes money.  The more this association is triggered, the deeper it becomes and the harder it is to break free. Now its time to take responsibility for OVERCOMING this addiction. I'm here to help you.


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