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Once you were bi-curious… now you're my bitch.

Straight? Yeah right! I know what you think about when your woman’s not around. I will guide you through your bi curiosities, so you can be that turned-out whore you dream of becoming. I specialize in transforming hetero-seeming guys into no-limit sluts. You want to sneak out on your wife or girlfriend. You crave to be pimped out to strange men in hotels, alleys or bars. The inner hooker inside you begs to be fed. You’ll prove your worth to me as an eager rugged bottom, or make yourself pretty as a femme sissy in my lucrative boi brothel.

You might begin training for my stable by being introduced into a “forced bi” experience, serving one of my top cock studs on your hands and knees. If you beg in a sincere fashion and make it worth my while, you might even get the privilege of choking on my VERY thick Daddy dick. While I take you through this, let’s get one thing straight. We both know it’s not really forced, since you dream about having your face fucked on a daily basis. But I understand. You’re not ready to admit it to others yet. Don’t worry bitch. That day will come.

Maybe you’re already there. You can admit to me that you’re a greedy faggot, and want to take it to the next level. You need someone to take charge of your wanton impulses to spread your cheeks for men, and are looking for someone to discipline you. I am here to take charge and manage your desires in a way that is lucrative for me- your teacher and protector.

Are you a masculine guy that longs to be feminized into a more appealing sex object to otherwise straight men? I can help you get there. You’ll dress for me to look more like the women in the porn clips you jerk off to. After all, they get what you want… their fill of cock and cum from hot straight men. Remember the days when you wished you were the guy in the porn films fucking those women? We both know those days are over. Now you wish you were the girl. I understand. I’m here for you. I will help you make the transformation.

You know deep down where you need to go. You need a Man who understands your queer desires and can give you the direction to realize your place. I will take you under my wing, and give you the strict instruction you need. In return, you’ll prove to me that you can be the #1 bitch in my brothel one day. Rest assured, that position is coveted and must be earned. So give me a call. Get to work.