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If you aren't ready to be taken control of in the most complete sense, then do not waste my time. I don't tolerate disobedience, and I do ban for stupidity. Bans are permanent. Please read this profile in full to learn the rules, and do not contact me if you think you can go against them.

I DO NOT PARTAKE IN SESSIONS THROUGH MAIL UNLESS YOU TRIBUTE FIRST. Tributes must be APPROPRIATE - $5 isn't going to cut it. Over $10 is usually the best way to get my attention. Otherwise, do not send me messages that aren't legitimate questions about my services and expect me to respond to them. You're not getting anything from me without paying for it.


You'll find me to be a very kind, every day sort of woman. I'll talk to you, be your friend, learn about what you like and what you don't...

And I'll use it against you when you least expect it. What you thought was a genuine, kind soul will unveil itself as a manipulative bitch, and I will blackmail you if you don't do what I tell you to.

Extortion is only half of what I can do to you to make sure you comply. It could be something as simple as sending me mail checking in at certain times every day, or go as far as using information against you if you cum before I tell you to in a Tease & Denial session. You'll send me proof of completing tasks in the form of pictures or video, or calling my line so I can hear. In return, I'll keep your best kept secrets to myself. You get no second chances - if you disobey me, information starts coming out a little at a time.

I will not take part in this with just anyone. You have to either call my line or tribute me to talk with me through Mail for the initial contact. First time callers must go through a 15 minute introductory call ($31.50); this will cover introducing ourselves, talking about expectations, and agreeing to terms. If you would rather do this over Mail, you will tribute me $32 and then send me a message - it will go ignored without the tribute. YOU WILL SIGN A CONTRACT. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF STARTING BLACKMAIL WITHOUT A CONTRACT SIGNED AND MONEY IN MY POSSESSION. After the initial introductions, you will buy the contract and sign it, and return it to me. From there, financial terms will be discussed, and from there the fantasy begins.


Blackmail involves a hell of a lot of humiliation, but I'm also in the business of humiliating without that level of extreme. Don't ever feel like you have control when you call this line, no matter what your intent is - I own you. I own every bit of your worthless existence, and you're going to sit down and take it like the sissy little bitch you are.

So, tell me - what is it about you that's so embarrassing? I can already tell based on your voice that you're going to be a giant disappointment. I can be extremely aggressive, but you have to open up to me.

There will be a 10 minute introductory call ($21) for all new callers to allow time to build up enough information for the humiliation process. If I intend on having a session with you, this will be made clear at the end of the introductory call.

The extremity of the humiliation will all depend on your comfort level - I am in control, but I will require you to have a safe word the first few times you call me. I have full intention to push your mind to the absolute thinnest limit it has, but I am an extreme believer in SSC (Safe Sane Consensual) and I do push for after-care.

-You're a true submissive that wants a dominant woman to put you in your place, and are comfortable with and desires humiliation and degredation.
-You're a sissy bitch that wants to be reminded of this, and you want to explore every level of verbal degredation we can get to together.
-You are not going to argue, fight back, or show signs of domination.
-You are open to trying new things and pushing your limits, but still wish to remain within a safe zone to keep things pleasurable and out of the harmful field.

-You are looking for a quick jerk-off. Honestly, you may not even get that right, so you shouldn't call me with the expectation of it at all.
-You're looking for your first session in your first phone call. I'll gladly do a hit and run humiliation session, but ALL FIRST CALLS ARE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES AND ARE **INTRODUCTORY CALLS ONLY** Humiliation calls are a minimum of 15 minutes to get to know you a little better, and another 15 minute minimum for the session itself.
-You're arrogant and aggressive, and show signs of being the exact opposite of a submissive. I can promise you that if you were getting your way in the past with others, it will not be happening with me.
-You want to dominate me. It isn't happening.
-You're going to waste your time trying to get things that are not offered on this line. I will hang up, and you will be banned from contacting me again.

1. Do not call me saying you want to partake in Blackmail sessions and then never call/contact me again. I'm getting extremely tired of that. This isn't just about money for me, so don't waste my time.
2. If you're not interested, tell me. Don't hang up on me. I'm going to start BLOCKING PEOPLE for hanging up on me. It's rude to hang up on someone that gave their time to you. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, TELL ME YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED!! I'm not going to fight you!

Many of you ask me what you can do to show appreciation. I always say feedback is the least you can do - and I mean it. Feedback is VERY important for my line, and I always appreciate it more than anyone realizes. If you want to go a little further, however, look below.