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British ♥ S.African writer: DOMME Calls Only Today

Submissive needs are deeply entrenched in the subconscious mind.

A submissive male doesn’t simply wake up one day and think to himself “let me try this submissive thing.” No, a true submissive male is incapable of letting go of his intense submissive desires - it is what drives him. When those submissive desires are wiped under the rug, neglected, or even worse, given to an inexperienced Domme to exploit, those needs eventually begin to spill over into other aspects of the submissive’s life and can wreak havoc on not only relationships, but also on work and finances.

Perhaps your partner doesn’t understand your need for submission. Or maybe you have no idea how to even request of her to take on the dominant role in your relationship. It could also be that you yourself haven’t quite come to terms with who you really are because you feel you need to live up to society’s idea of the “man’s man,” and now you are having a hard time fully embracing the real you. At least three quarters of my clients find themselves facing one of these difficult scenarios. And luckily, all of them can be resolved. That is why you’re here today - to seek relief by sharing with and trusting me with what you have always secretly craved – to simply submit to a real dominant female.

I am a caring Mistress who will go above and beyond to help you explore your desires, but only if you meet me halfway. I am not here to do all your work for you. Submission doesn’t only happen when or if you feel like it. Over the past three years as a Domme, I have had clients whom I absolutely adored, but who were only submissive when they felt like it. As wonderful and charming as these men were, they were not truly submissive by nature and were simply looking to fill a void in their lives and were hoping that BDSM would heal the wounds of their already very broken relationships not only with their partners, but sadly also with themselves. I can’t fix you – I can simply guide you to a future where you can express your sexuality freely. From experience, I can guarantee you that these kinds of fake Domme/sub relationships do not last. I have had “submissive” clients who have demanded of me to do as THEY say and have forgotten along their journeys of “submission” and self-exploration that it should ALWAYS be the other way around. If there is one thing I ask of you in this moment, it is to please not be that kind of submissive.

Take a moment to be honest with yourself about whether you are really submissive or not. Trust me. If you’re lying to yourself, you’ll only be wasting your own valuable time and money.

When you submit to me, you need to remember that I work at my own pace and if you treat me with the respect I deserve, I WILL meet your submissive needs in a way that’s both healthy for me, and essential for you. ALWAYS In that order.

Submission can either destroy you, or if you so choose to give yourself over to absolute servitude and follow my rules and guidelines as I have laid them out, it can build you up and allow you to discover the real you – the magnificent you – the you who is worthy of being loved, nurtured, and taken care of.

Please feel free to take some time to think about what it is that you really want and need in this moment in time. You’re not here to buy a quick “make me submissive” scheme that so many “Dommes” love to sell to vulnerable men. Remember, you are not an idiot - you have a brain that is capable of making healthy and informed decisions - one that should understand that online domination can be real, intimate, personal, but above all, can have a profoundly positive impact on your life if you treat it with the reverence it deserves.

I firmly believe that people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. As a Domme, I am also always learning. I too am human and I have learned from my past mistakes in taking on too many submissive clients, and have therefore decided to give my valuable time and effort to a maximum of five submissives only. I currently have three. Therefore, I still have two openings available. Once I feel our relationship has run its course and it is time for you to move on to something or someone else, I will courteously let you go and hope you will take with you what you have learned from me as I too will take with me what I have hopefully learned from you.

Perhaps over the course of the past few minutes you’ve been reading this, you’ve realized that I’m not the one you’re looking for after all. Or, maybe this has excited you and is the start of something beautiful between us. Either way, I wish you only success and happiness In this life and in the next.

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If you see any of this text on any of the other listings or on the internet and it doesn't have my name attached to it, know that you are dealing with a copycat. A copycat is as fake as a Burberry handbag. Unimaginative, flimsy, and a total let down. It might seem pretty and shiny at first, but trust me when I say that it won't last. Respect yourself enough to know the difference between what is real and what is fake.