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Cognitive Bias

Mental BDSM, Esoteric Discussion, Twisted Torment

Correcting your Cognitive Bias . . .

Are you are bored, lonely, looking for that intangible experience that will make you feel new again? Something unique, transforming your world beyond your wildest expectations. Every day is the usual grind, the norm, or worse yet, those who claim to be unusual, but when you scratch the surface, the same old, same old.
I have nothing to prove to you, and will not stoop to idiot proof that I exist. The level that some go to earn your dirty buck is absurd, as are your ever rising expectations. If you want to wallow in the pig sty of stupidity, that's your problem.
Porn is everywhere. You have engaged in gluttony and now you have a stomach ache. Like pigs at the trough of the fast food machine of porn, until you find yourself seeking more and more intense taboo. What's one more pussy, one more bare ass. It's not shocking and it's not even fun anymore. The new form of taboo is not between your legs, but between your ears. You know this to be true.
Noticing a theme here? That of you being a Pig? Good. You're following along.

You are weary of the stupid, inane, insipid, and those who appear to be lacking in reason. Yet you are weak, engaged in a downward spiral, and spineless. It's clear you need someone to take control of you, before you become engaged in more folly.
Predictable little follower, If you must follow, follow me to know happiness.

You grovel in a pile of social media rubbish. A slave to the fodder of the masses.
I will open up an entire universe to you, like a mind expanding drug.
Spend some time with me, and find out.

You have looked at so much pornography that you have become jaded, and nothing seems to arouse. Worse yet you reinforce absurd behavior and cluster B pathogens. You make everything worse due to your own stupidity.. You engage in the same mundane behavior over and over again, time and time & time & time again, over & over till !ad Infinitum.
~~don't know what that means? Crack open a damn book once in a while instead of checking your fucking wall on fakebook, twit'dur, mywaste, or where ever you waste away your winding-down clock as if it were the entry list at Saint Peter's Gate!!
Step out of your circle of infinite boredom.
You are the product of pointless television programs, sporting events, and you probably never read. You are like the shrill cacophony emitted from a horde of brainless bubble headed nitwits, intent on irritating and useless manipulations. You at your very best, will always be a mere facsimile.
Trust me when I say that the mere thought of you makes my skin crawl, shuddering in disgust at your mediocre ways. The world must suffer you and your inability to do anything but join the herd as you are prone to doing. You are a pestilence for which there is no remedy.

Like a pointless, pathetic, and robotic pseudo-organism, you mimic more successful organisms, those which are real, in order to survive.
The same silly Madison Avenue ploys again and again; utterly contemptible.
Desperate attempts to shock are laughable.

Are you a modern day George F. Babbitt, but even more disgusting, more disturbing, and even more despicable?

You sit drooling with your pathetic excuse for manhood in your shaking hand, masturbating like a rabid slab of flesh. Simpleton that you are and shall always be, you believe the most absurd untruths, and you fall for the common; the chum & fodder of the snorting masses of social stupidity. You deserve all that you get and much, much more. Oh yes... much more.

You are stupid and mired in the debris of outdated caricatures.Your folly is incredibly preposterous.

Wanna see me naked from head to toe???
Then come & see me below......

I have reached the regrettable conclusion that the yoke of the masses shall forever be affixed to my neck. That there is no escaping the weight of weak minded imbeciles who derive pleasure from stupid games, or the burden of the lazy, who profane and plunder.

There is no way to stem the disgusting flow of the vile masses who it would appear, cannot think for themselves, along with their sorry excuse for a significant other, but I can deal with you; yes you, you whom shall henceforth be solely & simply referred to as...


And so...
Allow me to be the first to say (though I'm sure 100s have thought it)...
It is quite an unsatisfactory, unpleasurable, and a completely disappointing experience to meet you.