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Impregnation fetish: cum, breed me, knock me up!

Hi, I'm Annie. I'm a senior in college but I'm having trouble focusing on my studies, because I keep thinking of just one thing.

There's nothing that makes me wetter than thinking about being bred by hot, fertile loads of cum. I don't care if they come from guys in my dorm, my professors, the football team. The Janitor, guys at bars, whoever! I've lied and said I was on the pill or it was a safe time to all my boyfriends...and my best friend's boyfriends, it's almost like I'm addicted to raw cocks. I just want to get railed like a slut with one purpose: I want loads and loads to fill up my womb and get me pregnant! I can almost feel it dripping out of me right now. Oh, wait, it is. Whoops!

I'm always looking for the guys who can fill me up with the best bull seed - you seem like you might be able to pussy's tight, it's gonna feel so good - don't you want your bare cock to shoot into my pretty pussy? I know even your girlfriend won't let you because she's not on the pill. will you please help me? Just one hot, potent load? I Promise it'll be ok. If you're the one who finally seeds me, I promise I won't tell anyone it was you!
Impregnation, seeding, cum and breeding are my Favorite fantasies- call me if you love it, you won't be disappointed!