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Zeda Vaughn

Let's use each other, shall we?




I’m a classy, educated, and refined in my default life. What most people don’t know is I have an insatiable sexual appetite and very few inhibitions. I love oral pleasures of all kinds. I’m an exceptionally skilled cock sucker and love nothing more than to have my pussy eaten. Few suspect under my upscale, demure exterior how much fucking I’ve initiated in my 40-some odd years. I’ve attended more orgies and been the pincushion in more gangbangs than I’ve been to black tie events and fancy dinner parties. I’m always greedy for cock. That’s a secret not many know.


I seek out very skilled lovers and also enjoy making them. While I appreciate the company of older, more experienced men, I’m also partial to younger, fresher cock. Nothing makes me happier than instructing you how to stroke properly, showing you what an expert blow job from an experienced woman feels like, or teaching you how to fuck and eat pussy like a pro.


I’m am attentive, thoughtful lover who always makes sure to satisfy herself while draining everything I can from your cock. Nothing delights me more than leaving a trail of a blissful, spent, sexually satiated lovers in my wake. Sometimes simply the satisfaction of knowing I gave you an experience above and beyond your wildest expectations is enough to please me. Other times I take matters into my own hands.


A good, raw fuck is one that involves your mind as much as it involves your hard cock or my wet cunt. When you’re done with me your brain and your dick will be thoroughly drained, throbbing, and ready for more. 


I love all kinds of sex-- erotic role play, mutual masturbation, oral sex, double penetration, bukakke, gangbangs/orgies, lesbian sex, prostate milking, tease and denial, orgasm control, MILF/Mrs. Robinson/cougar scenarios, dirty talk, foot play, and kink. If you have a fantasy or secret to confess I’d love to listen.


While I’ll never be truly submissive in sexual situations, I don’t have to be ultra dominant. I very much enjoy the give and take of mutual pleasure and desire. Just because you use me like a fuck toy or watch me have all my holes filled at once doesn’t mean I’ve given up all control. My hunger for cock is incredible. Perhaps you are just as much my toy as I am yours because I get off on your pleasure.


I’m in my mid 40s, long brown hair, green eyes, and hourglass figure. 38H natural breasts (with large areolas), curvy hips with a round ass, and a tight waist. I’m tall with long legs and beautiful feet. My skin is absolutely flawless. Think Jessica Rabbit in human form. Pics on listing are of me.


If you're looking for a true BDSM experience I’m very proficient in that realm too. See my Fem Domme listing (with excellent reviews).


"Getting to Know Me" A Seductive Introductory Photo Set

"JOI (Jack off Instruction) Job Training Fantasy" ~ HOT, Guaranteed to blow a BIG load, 30min audio erotica download 


"All your Fantasies are MINE" ~ 11min group sex audio erotica download co-starring you! 


Live Call Fem Domme Listing (excellent reviews!)

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**Message Me about recording custom audio for you. I'll need to know what fantasy you want me to bring to life and how many minutes you'd like. I'll e-mail you a price quote to be paid to Me via tribute. 





Post script: I am a real person and the pictures on My profile are of Me. I’ve been involved in the public BDSM scene for many years. I am extensively knowledgeable about this lifestyle as well as other alt sex communities and am a sought after, popular sex/kink educator. This isn't just a character on the phone-- I live, breathe and, eat this lifestyle. So why no clear face pics? I get off on the mystique and get into My role more deeply when I can be someone else. The sexier I feel and the more I can let go, the more you benefit. So shut your mouth and go with it.         



I am Dominant. Not a switch, not a submissive. Although I may engage in activities that are considered "bottoming," I always perform them with a commanding hand. Dominance is an attitude, not a sex act. I don’t take orders from men (or women, as I love them too), however, I have no problem entertaining polite and respectful requests.     

So you and I can get the most out of our time together, be upfront with what your fantasy is and what you’re looking for. I can be a sensual Domme with firm but loving hand or a sadistic bitch with very dark and twisted desires. I can also make it all about the sex or simply focus on your specific fetish. Let me know which road you travel on so I can cater to your needs.

Lastly, please be respectful. I do this because I enjoy it. I immediately block callers who are abusive, ask me to violate the TOS, hang up without warning, or are otherwise disrespectful. If you enjoy your experience with me, please leave feedback.  

Some (but not all) of My personal kinks and specialties:

Jack off Instruction/JOI, Jack off Encouragement/JOE, Forced Bi, Forced Feminization/Sissy Play, Humiliation, Corporal Punishment, Face Slapping, Foot Worship/Pedicures, Facesitting, Cunt Worship, Forced Orgasm, Domestic Discipline & Service, CBT, Corsets, Latex, Boot Worship/Boot Blacking, Electrosex & Electrotorture, Laughing At your Teeny Tiny Cock, Objectification, Wet & Messy, Interrogation, Ignore Fetish, Prostate Milking, Stockings, Masks/Hoods, Fucking Machines, Cuckold, Chastity, Strap-on/Pegging, Figging, Making you Beg, Financial Domination, Vintage Lingerie, Controlling your Life, Clown Play, Bizarre Role Play, CFNM, Group Sex, Toys, MILF/Mrs. Robinson, Lactation Play, Dollification, Tease & Denial, Edging, Spanking, Sadistic Humor, Fire Play, Mind Fucks, Face-Fucking w/ My Strap-On, Dietary Restriction, Female Superiority/Worship, your Total & Complete Devotion to Me