Phone Sex

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Behind The Phone Sex Line

Mature Woman Will Stimulate Your Mind And Body

Callers frequently ask what "other men" talk about when they dial my phone sex line. Some of them are questioning their own kinky minds and wonder if they are too over-the-top or perverted with their fantasies and some are just curious about my interactions with other callers like how turned on I get during the calls, what subjects I enjoy talking about and if I really play with myself while I am on the phone.

I am a a "tell it like it is" woman who enjoys giving honest answers to these inquisitive callers.

Before I began working in this industry I believed that phone sex was simply an extension of visual porn. The truth is that phone sex is a deep connection between the mind and the body that can touch you in ways you never dreamed possible. In fact, one of my regular callers once told me that talking on the phone with me is much less expensive than a therapy session and lot more effective.

I often get asked questions like "where do you live," "what are you favorite kinds of calls to do," "are you married," etc. Callers want to connect with a woman who is real, a woman who sounds honest and is truly interested in listening to their likes and dislikes and who is willing to provide them with a discreet environment where they can let go of their sexual inhibitions and enjoy their telephone time without any fear of being judged or ridiculed by their phone sex partner.

While I never disclose information that crosses the line, I do enjoy sharing a little bit of who I really am (as a person) to my callers. When you call my line you will get to know the real me even though I will remain anonymous to you - after all, one of the most important aspects of being a phone sex operator is discretion.

During our call, I will expose my real thoughts, emotions, passions and feelings and share a little bit about my life as a phone sex operator. I will talk candidly about the balance between fantasy and reality and I will share some of the experiences that I have had with others (again, no names will ever be disclosed).

Share your favorite fantasy with me or just call me to talk about what is on your mind. Ask questions, tell me your secrets, enjoy a mutual masturbation experience while you listen to my soft and soothing voice. Think of me as your erotic confidante.

Phone sex can be exciting, exhilarating, intimidating, scary and even a bit stressful at times. I want to be the one to help you relax and enjoy it with a little insight from "behind the phone sex line."