Phone Sex

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Hi there, it's been awhile, I took a bit of time away, but I AM BACK!!! Ready to flirt and enjoy all of my boys, and some who are'nt my boys, I am coming for... I am Cheyenne...22, living in Southern California. A California girl with many perversions! I adore older men. I enjoy being a Sensual Dominant, exuding a deeply erotic image that I playfully create, that will have you aroused for days after as you re-play our conversation in your head. That's not all that I enjoy though. I also have a long list of other naughty scenarios I enjoy playing out during sex. The more deeply I can get with you, the more I adore it... I am often told I am incredibly sexy, devastatingly erotic, elegantly descriptive...You need to call me yourself and find out...

When we talk, you will find yourself divulging all of your deepest fantasies and secrets to me. Not because I ask, but because you will lose yourself to me and won't be able to help yourself!. I'm a dangerous game, which you crave. Soon, I will have you quivering involuntarily, and begging me for more...your new, sensual distraction!

She loved to suck his cock. To wrap her lips around him
And elicit that sudden intake of breath
From him as she pushed him deep into her mouth
She loved the feel of him filling her throat
The taste of that first drop
The smell of him

She was aroused by the
Deep guttural noises he made
So deep in his throat
Stimulated by his hands
As they wrapped through her hair
Winding around his wrist
She thrived the anticipation
The hot silky flow at the end
Oh, How she loved to give him pleasure...