Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Taking you into the world that you want to be in, I offer you the following:
• Fantasies (erotic and otherwise) that take you where you want to be, or where you secretly want to go, all that I need is a seed of where you want go and I will take you, or accompany you there. There are no boundaries for us as it is our world and it is all about you.
• Brilliant descriptions that are vivid, vibrant and that are so detailed that you feel that you are there. (All based on past experiences.)
•Together it will have naturally no matter where we go.
•I can also be a challenge for you where it will all be more intense.
When you call expect:
•A vivid imagination that will make it feel real to you.
• Some one that appreciates you for you and makes you feel sensuous, desirable and appreciated in our world.
• A Seductive voice with a sophisticated charm that will draw you in with strength, confidence and poise. The best fantasies are those that are based on reality, reality is more fascinating the fiction and I will take you there (or where ever you want to go that is special to you).
Imagine the following back drops for our time together:
• On a boat in a tropical cove as the sun sets.
• In the park of San Francisco overlooking people that are passing below while being naughty with you and no one knows why you are smiling as …
• Up against a glass window in sky scraper overlooking the city and ocean while being made love to. Soon the glass is steamed up as …
• In a movie theatre in the back row as we …
• In a department store as we move through the aisles and we play …
• On an airplane as we play next to each other trying not to get caught …
I am waiting for you...
Taking You