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Miss Huntress

Cuckoldry Advice and Fetish Education!

Please note that this is not a role-playing listing.

My knowledge of the intricate relationship between the kink world and vanilla world, comes from over a decade of personal and professional experiences, as a Domme, Disciplinarian, Mistress, submissive, professional fetish educator and life coach. I am an intuitive-empath and have an inherent aptitude for applying psychological concepts. My educational and occupational background include communication, teaching, training, and behavior management.

The premise of all that I offer my clients, revolves around my steadfast belief that fetish fulfillment is not merely a desire -it is a very IMPORTANT NEED. My passion, is helping you discover how and why your fetish needs have developed, why fulfilling them is beneficial, and how to effectively incorporate them into your life. Conversations with me are intelligent, compassionate, and humorous - as needed. I offer understanding, validation, and encouragement, and will listen to your authentic self WITHOUT judgement. Speaking to someone who truly understands what makes you tick, creates feelings of relief and relaxation, and is inherently arousing. If you are a sapiosexual, you will find our conversations exceptionally stimulating.

These are examples of issues I have helped clients with:

-You need to tell your story to someone who is understanding, compassionate, non-judgmental.

-You want advice on how to find open-minded personal partners, or are interested in persuading your existing significant other, to dominate you.

-You want to better understand the multiple factors that have impacted the development of your need for submission and your specific fetish interests.

-You want to learn methods for managing your fetish consumption needs.

-You want to explore options for fulfilling your fetish needs -and/or you need help determining if fulfilling your needs are worth certain risks.

-You need help researching and locating quality, kink-friendly specialists -Dommes, psychologists, etc.

-You are interested in examining the pros and cons of constructive self-exposure methods -such as "coming out" to partners.

Cuckolding relationship advice is a specialty of mine and my advice includes the following topics:

-Providing insight into why cuckoldry is of interest to you and how cuckoldry can be beneficial to existing, or future relationships.

-Advice for SINGLE cuckolds, who are looking to find a future Cuckoldress.

-Advice for those who are interested in persuading their partner to engage in cuckoldry.

-Guidance for those who are in an established cuckoldry relationship

I have educational articles and videos (see Goodies tab) that address many of these topics. They include the following:

Are you contemplating asking your significant other to cuckold you, but don’t know how to bring it up? See my article, “Cuckolding: The Ins and Outs”.

Wondering why you have the urge to submit and why it is growing stronger every day? See my video, “Why the Need for Submission.”

Are you a heterosexual man and you can’t figure out why you can’t stop sucking on cocks? See my video, “Cock Symbolism: Why they are Magical.”

Feeling overwhelmed by your porn, masturbation, fetish, or Niteflirt habits? See my video “Managing Fetish Consumption.”

Wondering why you have the urge to reveal your fetish interests to the vanilla world? See my article “Self-Exposure: Why and How.”

Need some sultry, sexy, seductive, “panty porn”? See my HOT video, “Panties: The epitome of a woman!”

Please be polite and respectful when you call. I am, after all, a Mistress AND a redhead! Also, please note, this is not a Skype line and is only for phone calls.

-Miss Huntress (Jennifer)