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★the most pleasurable burn★

If you hide your ignorance, no-one will hit you and you'll never learn.
-Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

The current heterosexual dating scene is just like a Thunder Dome-type hell. Any Woman who has been subjected to this dating hell for some time finds to Her dismay that these men are mostly pathetic beta's unworthy of Her time. These pathetic time wasters tend to have more issues than Cosmo, as well. The modern man, now known as a "beta male", are ultra judgmental wastes of time, and the modern Woman has been reduced to being circus performers who have to constantly entertain the beta male non-stop or face rejection. What's worse is that these beta males know nothing of accepting Female Affection, the ultimate gift in these modern times, properly.
But no longer. Many of us Women have come to see the reality of Female Superiority. We, as Women, have all the power. We have the ability to drain your wallet, force you to do humiliating tasks for our pleasure, and torture yourself to show that you love us.

That is where I come in, beta males. I am here to teach you how to properly treat a Woman and how to properly accept Her Affection. I am here to teach you how to worship a Woman. I am here to put you in your place. So come, call Me, and we will discuss your shortcomings. I'll teach you the proper way to love a Woman. You will truly pay for it, though, and My knowledge doesn't come cheap. Good luck, beta males. You'll need it.

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