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Olivia Jack

Advice & Confession line with Miss Olivia...

With so many different things going on in the world, sometimes its hard to truly find someone who will take you seriously. Everyone and everything has a purpose. Your questions and concerns are valid, so let me validate them. From sex and relationships, to toys and confessions, we all have a need for human connection and interaction. Hey, who hasn't wanted to try something new and different, but wasn't quite sure how to do it correctly, and out of fear of being judged, you never asked, and either had a terrible experience resulting in an epic fail, or you just decided not to do it all together? Like, how about this...when you've been in your wife's panty drawer looking for your favorite tight, laced pair to put on while your wife's gone grocery shopping, and you come across her vibrating dildo...and you wanna play with it...and it's your first time...What do you do?? YOU CALL OLIVIA!!!