Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Be willing to start your favorite fantasy with Me.

Sensual. Imaginative. Strong.

I am a man of lovely visuals and warm vocals. The fantasy you want can be a wide variety of things, but it mostly will involve the strong Hypnotic pull My voice will entangle you in. I'm very prone to use all the right words- all things necessary -to get you and your mind into something sexy, a submissive mindset worth exploring further and further.

I'm very positive. But brutally honest when around submissives willing to undergo long bouts of humiliation or degradation. If not, then ask Me for an enjoyable session of mindless, relaxing dives into deep voids of space which used to hold all your thoughts, and just be gone... Even more, I love the curious mind who undergoes a powerful and positive change(especially if it's robots, zombies, beasts, or a sissy) with Me. If given the chance, will you let My voice seductively rob you of all senses and leave you in a state of helpless, beastial lust? Even when you feel wild and out of control, My voice takes and melts the simple, primitive mind of your animal self back to its knee.

A brief background of Me: a couple decades of experience with Writing, Hypnosis, Psychology, Dominating, and, most of all, being a Gentleman in life. My walk and view has taught Me the utter necessity for perverts like you to find and submit to perverts like Me. And I especially love leaving subs and flirts alike hot, drained, and satisfied or, even better, left with aching addiction for more, for Me.

Fetishes: Hypnotic Conversations(sexual or not), Hypnotic D/s, Denial, Teasing, Humiliation, Objectification, Sadism, Brainwashing, Mind control, Sissification, Cowification(or Power over your inner beast), Clothing(Underwear, especially, guys' or girls'), Masturbation Control, Scent, Feet, Exploration, and even Advice.