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Female Muscle Phone Sex with Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
Sexy Female Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
Sexy Female Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
Sexy Female Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
It is almost unreal to many people when they see me, they are in awe of just how muscular I am. My physique captivates their senses, they can't help but stare and want to touch and feel a woman like me. The combination of my femininity, beauty and muscularity is overwhelming.

So sit bac, and just imagine worshipping my Goddess Physique.

As your eyes roam over my Goddess body, you can't help but notice just how thick and developed my muscles are. From my traps, to my delts, you continue to survey my physique, I notice how amazed you are by just how big my biceps are. As I sexily flex my biceps, I allow you to touch them. You can't believe how hard they are and you realize just how powerful they are as well.

As the desire to worship my muscles overwhelms your mind and body, you can't help but want to see more. You are consumed by my muscularity, your hands and lips roaming over my built body, your fingers follow every hard curve while your tongue traces every pumped and protruding vein, your lips kissing and caressing every inch of my powerful, yet sexy and feminine physique that is currently exposed to you.

I know you crave to see more of what lies underneath my tight, muscle stretched clothing. I watch your eyes as they roam over my muscular chest, the shirt hugs my breasts, my hard nipples straining against the fabric, my huge lats flaring outward as threads and seams are fighting a losing battle, you can see the outlines of my washboard abs thru my tight top as well. As I begin to tense and flex my muscles, you hear fabric ripping, I sexily tear my shirt apart, exposing my powerful pecs, then revealing my deep, rock hard abdominal muscles.

At this point,I know you cant get enough of the huge, sexy, Female Bodybuilder that stands before you. I know you want more, and more is what you'll get when you call me!

What are you waiting for? Call me now and lets explore your Female Muscle Fantasies!
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