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Monica Armstrong

Muscle Girls love other Muscle Girls!

Female Muscle Phone Sex with Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
Sexy Female Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
Sexy Female Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
Sexy Female Bodybuilder Monica Armstrong
As a Female Bodybuilder, we are a unique kind of woman. We are sexy, confident, disciplined, dedicated, powerful, strong, erotic and sensual. We are women who are driven and love being different. Our muscular physiques give us a sense of freedom from other women. Sure, many of us are mothers, wives, and have professions outside of the gym, but we break the typical stereotype of what a woman should look like and what it means to look and feel sexy.

Being a Female Bodybuilder puts us in a class all our own. We are a small group of women in the world who choose to be different, we are women who choose to build our bodies into muscular works of art, and are brought together by one common interest, the love for Muscle!

This mutual appreciation takes many of us to another level. We understand one another, we admire one another, we know the time and sacrifices we've made to build and develop our bodies into muscular perfection!

And for many of us, the raw combination of our femininity and our muscular physiques can be sexually arousing to us. Many of us became bodybuilders because we saw photographs of women who were Bodybuilders, or we met other muscular women in the gym and we liked the way they looked.

So for many of us, we love other Muscular Women. The sight of another woman with muscles bulging all over her body, whether sweaty and pumped in the gym or ripped and shredded on-stage during a competition, and backstage in our posing bikinis, our hard tanned, vein covered flesh, rippling as we pump up and flex our hulking physiques, getting ready to do battle with one another, can be a complete turn-on to us!

What are you waiting for? Call me now and lets explore your Female Muscle Fantasies!
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