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Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
Do you fantasize about an average woman transforming, growing, hulking out, becoming a massively muscular Goddess before your very eyes? Does the thought of her clothes getting tighter and tighter as bulging slabs of girl muscle grow beneath her clothing until the fabric and the seams of her outfit can't take the onslaught of the growth turn you on?

I want to know your fantasy, your roleplay and help you release this part of your psyche you are to afraid to tell anyone. I want to help you explore this fantasy you are afraid to tell your wife, your girlfriend or your closest friends. The fact huge, hulking female bodybuilders and muscular women are your sexual fantasy.

Just imagine I'm your girlfriend, your wife or the girl next door. Imagine being with me, watching as you notice something is happening to me, muscles swelling beneath my clothing, my body transforming, huge muscles tearing through the fabric of my tight overstretched top, covered in thick, freaky veins, the golden tinted sweat covered mounds of rock hard flesh splitting through the fragile fabric like it was paper.

As you gaze in awe, shocked at what you are seeing unfold, you watch my meaty vein covered forearms that are attached to huge mounds of bicep muscles arched upward in an enormous, dramatic flex completely tear through the sleeves of my top, as they continue to grow, mountains of peaked muscle explodes all over my arms reaching unbelievable proportions. As I am in pure lust from the growth overtaking my body, you continue to hear me grunting, moaning and notice my pecs getting bigger and thicker as they surge forth from my chest, huge slabs of female muscle cleavage popping buttons and splitting the fabric easily just as my huge, hard, erect nipples protruding like bullets from my big muscled tits sear through the remnants of my shirt, as a massive channel of hard muscle cleavage forms as my body continues to grow and erupt with muscle. You watch my back begin to get thicker and wider, as my lat muscles push outward through the last remaining pieces of my shirt, my back getting so wide it looks like I have wings.
Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
Pleasure overwhelms me as I moan in an erotic, orgasmic gasp as my abdomen transforms itself into a brick wall, rippling armor plated, tanned muscle, channeling itself into my vein covered crotch with a distinct "V-Taper" from my massively muscular shoulders down to my tight muscle packed waist.

As the growth continues, my skin-tight jeans burst from the pressure of trying to contain my hulking glutes and my massive growing thighs. My quads tear through, ripping the jeans to shreds with ease, gigantic diamond hard calves and sequoia sized rippling quads make short work of the tight denim. As I reach down, my hands grab the waist of the tattered jeans, Tearing the remnants from my waist, my leg muscles swell out to obscene dimensions, my legs so powerful and massive, containing muscle never seen on a human being before, so strong, they could crush anything I were to put between them.

As you look at me, I'm covered in sweat as huge muscles are bulging all over my body... All that's left at this point is my tiny panties that have been stretched to thong dimensions, barely covering my dripping wet pussy.

As you stare in awe of what has just happened to me, your girlfriend/wife/neighbor, transforming from an average woman, to becoming an unthinkable massive, hugely muscled Amazon Goddess, I see your cock throbbing in your pants, begging for release. Then smiling, I lean forward slightly and produce a most muscular pose that makes my body erupt even more, becoming so massive, as angry veins and more muscle swells all over my body, my tiny, innocent face surrounded by bulging rock-hard muscle as my pecs swell and traps rise, flexing into an unimaginable sea of muscle, framing my head as more and more huge sexy girl muscle erupts, bulging all over my hulked out body, fighting for space.

As you watch in dismay, the combination of all my muscles, the smell of my sweat and my hot sex overwhelms you, your cock explodes in the biggest orgasm you've ever had, cumming in your pants as you pass out.

Then hours later, you awake, as I'm sitting on the couch with you. I'm the normal average woman you have always known. But your mind is flashing to the memory of what you experienced, was it a dream? Did it really happen? I then look at you and smile and give you a kiss on the lips as you notice some torn and tatterd clothing on the floor...
Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
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