Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I am a licensed Medical Marijuana Caregiver, Business Analyst/Consultant, Certified Business and Life coach, too. I enjoy helping others.

I am not your typical phone sex girl. There are thousands here on Nightflirt to satisfy quickies, fetishes and other sexual needs. I am more of a listener by nature. I'd rather hear about YOU and your stories!

Do you have a secret? Talking about helps to eliminate the mental stress when we hold in secrets.

Don’t understand your mate? I am fully able to provide relationship and sexual advice. Men or women, I can give you direction and a clearer understanding. It’s simpler than you think; we just make it complicated in our heads.

Never heard “that sexual term” before? LOL …. I have a few funny stories to tell you about this topic ….

Need to vent? That’s my specialty. I’m a good listener. Talking to me is cheaper than a therapist too – and convenient to your schedule.

Never had sex? Those never ending thoughts that your friends would laugh at if you told them? I won’t laugh. Talk to me and tell me what you’re thinking.

Stuck in your identity? Afraid to tell the world who you really are? Don’t know where to start? I can help. I currently have 2 transgender clients for 6 months now and they are very happy we met. I am also working with an older person who at one point was afraid to reveal how they really feel and want to exist in their world. Now, they are open and honest of their identity and HAPPY!!

Stressed about life, money and career? I will help you see through the dense madness of life and find balance, solutions and progress.

Suicidal? PLEASE CALL ME!! You are valuable and you matter. I know depression and how it feels to be stuck with no way out of the box. Let me be your friend, your ears and together we can find light in your tunnel!

Just need someone to talk to for no specific reason? A Friend? A Confidant? Someone you can count on to be there for you? Your search ends here. I'm loyal, flexible with time and enjoy connecting.

I am a woman, not a girl. I have life and professional experience. I enjoy helping others. Life is stressful. Sometimes we get stuck in our heads and can’t see our way out. I am able to see and hear other perspectives, offering other points of view to consider. Talking to a mature, intelligent, understanding and soothing voice is some if the best time spent.

I have helped thousands of men and women across the globe over the years. I speak at conferences; I’m invited to group events for motivational speeches and have several clients who reach out to me regularly to help them enjoy their lives, relationships and careers. I’ve acquired immense knowledge from them that helps me, too.

There is a person for everyone out there. Let’s connect and learn how we fit in together!