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Miss Cameron

Highly Experienced Fetish Therapist | Confessions

-Received 6 Rising Star NF Awards and 5 Top Performer Awards-

Please read my profile in full before deciding whether or not I am the woman you want to talk to. If you break any of my rules, then you will not be able to contact me again. I do not unban once said ban has been set in place.

We all have a struggle, whether it be mentally, emotionally, sexually, or all of them combined. We all need companionship in one form or another - sometimes we don't get that. Maybe you're troubled because you have so many things you want to talk about, but no one will listen. Maybe those things are topics you can't bring up to others for numerous reasons. Extreme fetishes that you need acceptance for? Done something you regret (or don't regret) and you need to talk to someone about it?

Maybe you just need to talk, to have a friendly ear for a little while while you try to relax. Allow me to offer you the safe, judgement free zone you need to fully express yourself and learn. These sessions are all about you - no need to worry that my attention will be focused elsewhere when you need to talk about yourself.

Services Offered:

1. Fetish Therapy
2. Confession Session / Friendly Conversation

1. Fetish Therapy: You've discovered something about yourself that you really enjoy, but you're confused. This isn't something you ever thought you would be into. People would judge you for this if they ever found out about it. You think you should be ashamed - you even might be. You just want to sort out your thoughts and how you feel about this, and you have no one else to go to. I'm here to offer an ear, learn your feelings, and help you into a better understanding about your fetish. You don't have to be ashamed, and I'll help you understand why. You must be completely open and honest with me in order for this to be effective - I can't help you if you aren't allowing me to understand what's really happening.

2. Confession Session / Friendly Conversation: There's something you're D Y I N G to talk about or admit, but you can't do it to anyone you know. I can't tell anyone, so I'm here to listen to what you've done / are doing and talk you through it. THIS IS NOT A GATEWAY TO A FETISH SESSION. IF YOU WANT HUMILIATION, YOU NEED TO CALL MY BLACKMAIL/HUMILIATION/MANIPULATION LINE, OR MY FINANCIAL DOMINATION LINE. I'm a kind, encouraging, dominant woman, and absolutely judgement free. I'll ask you questions to get all of the information out of you, but only so you feel as if you've shared everything you needed to and feel a sense of relief.

-You need someone to talk to that won't judge you or try to use information against you.
-You are respectful and open, and will not fight my attempts to help you. It's what I'm here for, and we will get nowhere if you don't let me try.
-You're a submissive that is trying to find his / her way around the role, and needs to talk about the way you're handling it so far. Maybe you even need to come to terms with some things about it.

-You are simply using the low rate as an excuse to jerk off. If you want material for that, then go buy my Goodies - keep up with the updates, because more are coming soon.
-You are going to argue or refuse help. I do not tolerate being disrespected, and I expect you to tell me in a mature fashion if you feel I am disrespecting you. If you are arrogant and just want to call to see if I'll give you intelligent answers (I'm more intelligent than you think), or to mock me for what I do, then you have the wrong line.
-You are not comfortable with dominant women that are confident in their own skin. Our experience will make you more uncomfortable than it will open, and you won't be able to be fully honest with me about things.
-You expect some kind of dating service. If you're beginning with "How old are you!? What do you look like!? Where do you live!?" I'm only giving you one reminder as to what line you're calling. YOU will be doing a lot of the talking at first - I'm trying to find out about YOU to help YOU. My personal information is of no concern.

Please remember that if you call for any of the reasons listed under the "You should not call me if" section, you will not be able to contact me again. You do not get second chances - disrespect is disrespect, and you do not get the opportunity again.

Let me be here for you if you really need help or someone to talk to. I'm always honored by those who trust me.

Many of you ask me what you can do to show appreciation. I always say feedback is the least you can do - and I mean it. Feedback is VERY important for my line, and I always appreciate it more than anyone realizes. If you want to go a little further, however, look below.