Phone Sex

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Ignore Session: Ugh, I have better things to do.

The Goddess is in...
but, silly boy...
you are not worthy of Her time.


If you have not yet worshiped Me (via isolated session or contractual agreement), you may address Me as "Ms. Aria" or "Ms. Winter." If you are currently serving as one of My loyal submissives, you may additionally refer to Me or address Me directly as "My Goddess," "My Queen," or "My Mistress."

My special Ignore Line is for those who understand that a lowly mortal male is to a Goddess of My caliber what a broken HotWheels toy is to a full-size Ferrari GTO.
Absolutely nothing.

I will not feign politeness or interest in you or your boring life just to spare your precious little boy feelings. I will do whatever I was planning to do anyway, before your call interrupted Me going about My fabulous lifestyle.

While you are being summarily ignored, you might be lucky enough to listen in on Me enjoying one of the following activities:

  • + shopping
  • + gossiping about my current slaves
  • + musing about ideas for future slave punishment
  • + planning exotic vacations
  • + eating a meal
  • + meditating
  • + reading a book
  • + writing a blog
  • + talking to my friends
  • + watching television
  • + playing video games


I am extremely well-educated and I routinely use My wit and intelligence to make boys feel small and silly.
Some of my training includes but is not limited to:

  • + genital restraints,
  • + restraint duration,
  • + tease and denial,
  • + erotic humiliation,
  • + cognitive behavioral therapy,
  • + interpersonal persuasion,
  • + Jungian psychology,
  • + conflict mediation and resolution, and
  • + relationship counseling and couples therapy,
  • + mindfulness meditation.

A phone session with me
is unlike any other.
When I ignore you,
you will relish in it.
You will crave it.
In your desperation,
you will obsess over Me.
You will worship me.

xx The Goddess Aria Winter xx