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My Story

Hows it going there studs?

Im Rachael, Im 26, and Im Philadelphias naughtiest house wife. Not your traditional house wife though. I have a home based bakery business and&you guessed it& Im not exactly faithful to my husband of three years. Against everyones better judgment, but my own, I married a then regular customer of mine at the age of 23. He was hot, older, sweet, and successful.

Why not right? Now my question is WHY?

I still have this itch that needs scratching. The itch is in a hard to reach place for a work-a-holic guy who was pushed out of the cunt ten whole years before me. Dont get me wrong, his age is not the issue. I love older guys. But the thrill fizzes out when you catch him cheating on you a year into the marriage. But dont worry, he doesnt know that I know&nor does he know Im Niteflirts newest Super Slut. I was actually glad he showed his true colors. Lord knows I was tired of hiding mine. It wasnt long before I caught him with his little twink that I started to second guess my decision to donate my twenties to a man I had only been dating for 11 months.

You see, Im a simple girl; yet, I have many layers. I love a nice deep convo about philosophy (and how over rated Paula Deans baking recipes are), but every now and then I need a good hard fuck from a stranger. I need to suck an anonymous cock and make it cum. That was the life I was living before I met my husband. The life of a typical hot 20 something girl∧ then. I went cold turkey. All for the sake of the big L word. One day I started to think&

Im still young right? I work hard. Why cant I cum hard too? He cheated, and I found out. My permission was granted. Thats what brings me here. I not only need more cum buddies, but I need an outlet. I need someone to spill to& I have countless stories of hot nights and even hotter cum shots. Since my husband is one of Philadelphias big shots, I have to be very careful, and that leaves me with no one to confide in about my slut sessions. Thats where you come in. I need you just like you need me& We both need a break from reality. We both need to be free. We both need to come hard. Im extremely open minded, and I rarely use the word no. And when I do&it is usually short lived.

So, will you be that next cock I suck? Will the next load I swallow belong to you? Please tell me your answer is a big&fat&wet YES!