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We are NOT here to follow rules. We are here to BREAK them. We are here to give our lives and souls over to the DARKSIDE.... Some would say Satan.... We are here to embrace hedonism. Worship ourselves... Let the demons in!!!!! We are here to SWEAR to SATAN!!!!! TO Recognize that CHRISTIANITY and ALL ORGANIZED RELIGIONS ARE SUPERSTITION.... AND A COMPLETE LIE!!!!! You have been LIED TO your WHOLE LIFE and it's time to TAKE BACK CONTROL of your own life..... You are NO LONGER living a "good" " pious" life because thete is some vengeful omnipotent fuck watching your every move.... DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS? DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN GOD? STOP LIVING FOR THEM AND EMBRACE YOUR DARKEST DESIRES! If you want to use Satan to do this this is fine I will guide you! If not I will guide you as well into FREEDOM FROM INHIBITION! FREEDOM FROM THEIR RULES! EMBRACE YOUR INNER DARKNESS!!!!!
Let's enjoy ourselves. Let's destroy ourselves. I am that whore that invades your nightmares. I am that plaything that your dreams are made of.

I WANT YOU TO SWEAR TO ME THAT YOUR GOD IS A SUPERSTION.... We will go into the church and I will make you do the most repulsive unimaginable things.... WE delight in agony. WE relish in despair. WE are pure hot dripping hedonistic lust. We will travel into the darkness and indulge ourselves and we will love every minute of it. You may attempt to crawl your way out but you will dive right back in head first. Lose your inhibitions. Lose control. Give it to the DARKNESS! Experience the true feeling of being alive.......

We live in Gommorah. Lust is all that exists around us. Let's embrace that and relish in it. I will take you there. Let me in. I will let you in. Embrace the scum the trash the hot sweaty pheremones.

Let's enjoy ourselves... Let's destroy ourselves.... We are your dream and your ultimate nightmare..... Become ADDICTED to US.... Let THE DARKNESS in....

LET HIM IN.... EMBRACE THE EVIL.... I WILL BRING YOU THERE!!!!!! I WILL MAKE YOU CONFESS YOUR WORST SECRETS AND WE WILL BATHE IN DEPRAVITY!!!!!! My OTHER specialties include but are not limited to Forced feminization,FORCED CONFESSION, RELIGIOUS role play, BLASPHEMY, authority figure, teacher/student, boss/secretary, mlitary, prison guard, fantasy, glory hole training, blackmail, cbt, xxxreme - Kinky Types of Role Play, Boot Worship, Edging,oral sevitude, girly shemales,Pantie Boy,Sissy Boys, peeping toms, Confessions, UFO Alien Sci-Fi Fantasy Role Play, NiteFlirt's Midnight Prowlers, storytellers, Monster cocks, cuckholding,Cock Suckers, Re-Living Past Experiences, Premature Ejaculating Minute Men, Spies, Villains Super Heroes Role Play, Damsel in Distress, Those Serious about Suffering Rejection BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SUFFER, CLOWN FETISH, HUMILIATION, smoking, high heel, stocking, baloon, foot, breast, ass, leg, body worship, mind control, sensory dep, PORN SEX ADDICTION THERAPY (I am also certified in Addiction Counseling AND am a BONA FIDE NYMPHOMANAIC!), brainwashing, FORCED CONFESSION, cuckolding, FINDOM, sissification, glory hole training, blackmail, cbt, HUMILIATION... LAUGHING AT YOUR EXPENSE (BOY DO I LOOOVE TO LAUGH... YOULL FIND THAT OUT QUICKLY), smoking, JOI, high heel, stocking, baloon, foot, breast, ass, leg, body worship, mind control, sensory dep, PORN SEX ADDICTION THERAPY, brainwashing.. I am a NYMPHOMANIAC A NURTIRING SADIST AND A MASTER OF ALL THINGS DEPRAVED. LETS PLAY MY DEVOTED LAMBS! CUMMM 2 THE DARKSIDE!!!!! XOXO. AZRIAL.