Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

What story do you want to hear?

What role do you want to play?

What fantasy do you want to fulfill?

Hello pet, I'm Femme, and I will bring your fantasies to life.

I have been a storyteller all my life, but one day I discovered that I am particularly good at spinning a tale that will curl your toes and send shivers up your spine. I have been an author on Literotica for nearly a decade, with several "H for Hot" rated stories. My stories engage the mind and body in an erotic odyssey that can - and will - take your breath away.

In addition to my skills as a writer, I have been actively involved in adult role play simulations for many years - everything from playing footsie in old school Yahoo voice chat to being a courtesan in Second Life. My creativity and experience mean I can play any role you fancy, and craft it into any story line you choose.

Want to act out the love story of a favorite film?

Want to explore the dreams you used to have about an adult encounter with that sexy teacher or a favorite babysitter from your youth?

Is your imagination running wild over the idea of having a one night stand with someone from the club, or just a hard and fast shag in the alley behind it?

Want to go even further, and explore a couples trip to a hedonist island?

Perhaps you'd like to conjure up a scene where your wife or girlfriend comes home from a long trip, and is absolutely aching to have you... Right now!

Or maybe you're not really sure what game you want to play. Just call me, and we'll find your fantasy together. I am always eager to hear a new tale, to explore a new role.

First time? Don't worry about being a little shy. I am a naturally intuitive woman, with a gift for helping others to express themselves. Sex-positivity is paramount to my actions, and you'll get no judgment from me. We can talk about anything you like, whether it's work, school, your lover, your friends. I am a great listener, and am happy to offer any encouragement and support I can.

And if after you've unburdened yourself you want to explore a fantasy of telling your deepest desires to your therapist and then acting them out with her - one by one - all the better. When you're talking with me, intimacy can be found in a single conversation - and all forms of passion will be at play, from the tender to the torrid.

Do you want something really elaborate and thought out, a true narrative role-playing experience, based on your own custom preferences and desires? Check out my Goodies, for instructions on ordering your own custom fantasy - that we can play out together, and you can read to yourself to relive later.

Please visit my site ( to read some of my stories, learn more about the care and attention I can provide, and learn what turns me on in a role playing partner.

Then call me, and let me bring your fantasies to life.