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Eva Long

Bisexual Goddess New to Nite Flirt...

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Have you ever looked at your so called glamorous life and and realized that the life you're living is so mundane and boring? That you wake up and repeat the same routine over and over...That what you really want in your life is just a figment of your imagination...That the journey you took to get to your current life was way more fun than where you have landed?

If this is you, then I cannot wait to chat with you, especially if you are the type of person who loves the twists and challenges of life and sees them as exhilarating and exciting. People like us are so misunderstood sometimes!

Please allow me to introduce myself: I am Eva and I am a 28 year old Personal Trainer in Atlanta, Georgia transplanted from the Great Lakes State (Brownie points if you know what state that is! I love trivia!) I am here on this site because it satiates my desire to be my authentic self.

I come from a very “straight laced” and conservative background and I married my frat boy college sweetheart only to discover along my journey that I had been suppressing my attraction for women!

It all started with a cute girl I met in my dorm cafeteria and that is where my secret life with women began.

My next dirty secret was losing my virginity (my ex husband thought he was my first...Shhh! Lol!) to the fine ass black man who was the maintenance supervisor at my apartment complex. Didn't I tell you that I love calculated risks?!

So after my divorce last year I decided that I was complete with being inauthentic. I met a beautiful, intelligent, successful, charismatic, magical woman. She is the love of my life! Yet after one year, I have realized that there is still something missing… I never lost my desire for men. I am very Bi-Sexual!

I have secretly been to a sex club and loved every second of my threesome with a man and another woman! So exhilarating and I don't think that I have ever been more aroused...She was kissing me and caressing me, he was fucking me and all I can say is OH MY GOD!! The interesting thing is that they were only doing EXACTLY what I told them to do. I was in COMPLETE CONTROL and I loved it! Perhaps, if you ask me nicely, I will tell you the rest of the story *wink*

Really and truly, that is how it has to be from here on out. Powerful Priestess Eva is the head bitch in charge in the bedroom. You will please me and follow my lead or else…

My fucking pissant ex husband was too much of a pussy to even ask me what I wanted in the bedroom and he never pleased me one single time in 5 years!! That will never happen again. EVER. Especially if you are great at following directions!

Some things I love as far as play goes are: Foot Worship, Sensual Domination, Financial Domination, Cross Dressers, Girlfriend Experience, Tantra, Sensual Role Play

Now, I am by no means a Professional Domme and I am fairly new to this but your first directive is to call me NOW so you can lick the Priestess’ boots!! MUAH!! Talk to you soon!
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