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Muscle Babe

Former Fat Girl is now a Female Bodybuilder

Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
Do you remember me? I'm sure you don't, but let me help you jaunt your memory while you're staring at my Goddess body... I was the little fat girl-next-door who was in your class when we were growing up that you used to pick on and make fun of. Does that ring a bell?

I'm here to tell you, I'm not fat and weak anymore.

Shocked? Well, I'm sure you are. What's the matter? Never seen a woman as muscular and sexy as me before? Like what you see? I'm sure you do. You're not the first man to stare in awe at my muscles, drooling and lusting over them.

Just look at me, I know you remember that first photo. There's the former fat girl you knew years ago. Then me after shedding all that weight, becoming fit and toned, but eventually evolving into what I am now, a completely jacked and hulked out uber Muscle Babe.
Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
I know you're dying to touch my muscles. Do you like my big biceps? By the bulge in your pants, Obviously, I can tell you like what you see. Just watch me as I flex them, watch how big they get when I flex and pump them. Oh, you like my big muscular chest and tits too? Bet your pathetic little girlfriend or wife doesn't have a chest as big and as sexy as mine. And just look at my legs, these legs went from fat thunder thighs to becoming powerful, muscular tree-trunks that are able to crush pathetic, little weak men like you.

What did you say? Quit studdering, oh, You want to know what drove me to build my body and become a huge, massive Female Bodybuilder? Well, I used all that anger inside of me from your relentless bullying, all those fat jokes you made about me and the names you called me when we were growing up. I took every ounce of anger out on the weights when I discovered the gym. I wanted to get fit, but as my body transformed, I wanted more, I wanted to become big and strong so I would never get made fun of or picked on ever again. And guess what, no one picks on me anymore. Most people are intimidated by just how developed and muscular I am now.

And you know what? I absolutely love lifting heavier and heavier weights during my workouts. It turns me on knowing that after every rep and every set, my body is going to grow, becoming bigger, sexier, powerful and more muscular. I've transformed myself into a full-fledged Muscle Goddess and Heavyweight Female Bodybuilder!

That fat girl you knew years ago is long gone and all that remains of her are old photos and bad memories. Like a Phoenix, I shed the old me to become one of the strongest and most muscular women in the world!
Muscle Phone Sex Therapy with Female Bodybuilder Becky
What are you waiting for? Call me now and lets explore your Female Muscle Fantasies!