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Perfect Princess Madison

18 y/o Perfect Princess Madison *IGNORE LINE*

I'm Madison. Princess Madison. I'm 18 and guess what?

I only care about one thing.

Seeing just how deep your pockets are, and transferring all of your money over to ME!

I'm spoiled, and I only want to be more spoiled. Oh, and you're going to be the one doing all of the spoiling. I deserve to be pampered, showered in cash, sent gifts, and you are going to pay for My every single whim, want, and desire.

I prefer the finer things in life, and I live a life of total luxury. I don't plan on ever working, and I just want creeps like you to drool over Me, worship Me, and be grateful for any crumbs I'm willing to throw your way.

Honestly, I'm not even interested in talking to you... That's why I'm making this an ignore line, haha. I honestly find it hilarious that losers pay to be ignored. But then again, of course you would - I am the epitome of perfection, and even listening to the sound of Me breathing is worth a million fucking dollars.

Also, I just want to stress that I really don't give a shit about anything except taking your money. I'm here to benefit Myself completely. I might use your pathetic fetishes against you only because I know exactly how to make you the weakest and the most profitable for Me.