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Satanic Mechanic

. . . And The Devil Was Her Name

Taking sin to the next level. Call me to apply as my next wicked project. Guaranteed to turn, twist and taint your soul right down to your balls. I know your secret fetishes are over the top, and only a sinner like me can go there with you. Blasphemy and deviant sex. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.
I will degrade you. I really enjoy: Causing tears of joyful agony in men by riding the lines of pain and pleasure. My specialties are:
  • Blasphemy
  • Hand and hairbrush spanking
  • Financial exploitation
  • Trampling
  • Chastity training
  • Maid transformations and training
  • Prolonged erotic teasing and denial
  • Ball kicking and CBT
  • Psychodrama
  • Hypnosis
  • Stretching limits
  • Guidance and counseling
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Training men in the art of humility: the elimination of false pride, arrogance and the notion of male entitlement. Teaching men the nobility of service, chivalry and the nuances of Matrifocal worship and reverence. Consulting with other Femdoms - pro and lifestyle, who are into really recreating a Matriarchy / Gynarchy and collecting men to fund this prospective venture. Creating games, order, and programs of matriculation for the refinement submissive men. Delving into the workings of the collective Femdom sub male subconscious realms. Call Button
Whether talking live or listening to a recording, call on your knees, naked, with your dick in your hand and a collar or tie around your neck. Have access to My photograph, a dress shoe (with one shoe string pulled out) and a leather belt. If we establish a repoire you may also need one or more of the following: tights, a butt plug and lube, nipple clamps... who knows? I do and I will let you know when you call! You will tribute as I command you to bleed money! Call Button YOU MUST OBEY ME COMPLETELY. You must masturbate for at least an hour before you call me or one of my tapes. You have no choice because I will crush your resistance.

NOTE: I don't respond to emails unless there is a tribute attached. My regulars are important to me here and queries from strangers can't be allowed to distract me.