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Phone Sex with Hardbody MILF - Sexy Muscle Goddess, Female Bodybuilder and Stripper
At one time, I was your average housewife, living in the suburbs with my family. But after my husband left me for another woman, I realized what I had become. I was a boring, plain, undesirable suburban mom driving a minivan without much of a future.

At this point, I figured I could either become a lonely disgruntled woman, or I could take charge of my life. but little did I know at this time what I would become and how my life and body would transform from the average suburban mom to a stripper and becoming a bodybuilder.

Needing self-confidence, I began by joining a gym to help me feel better about myself, working out, cardio, machines and weightlifting, strengthening both my mind and muscles as I shed the bodyfat of years of family and housework, reshaping, toning and building my body into one that any man (or woman) would desire and be envious of!

During this time, my workout attire became tighter and skimpier as I watched my body develop. I began to notice men (some of which were much younger than me) noticing me! I finally felt sexy again, my confidence was back.

Reinvigorated, I gave myself a new look, hair, make-up and eventually got my boobs done, transforming myself into a hard, curvy, sexy muscular Barbiedoll. I quit my 9 to 5 day job as I needed more income, becoming an exotic dancer and traded in the minivan for a sporty SUV.
Phone Sex with Hardbody MILF - Sexy Muscle Goddess, Female Bodybuilder and Stripper
After a while, being just "fit and toned" wasn't enough for me, I needed more. I began to push myself to the limit, seeing how far I could build my body. as my physique developed, I wanted more and more. Working out became my drug, and as my workouts became more intense, the weights became heavier and my body transformed. In a matter of a few years, I had gone from having the body of the average woman to having the physique of a bodybuilder.

My body is now bulging with huge, veiny, striated muscles erupting everywhere, and I've never felt sexier than I do at this point in my life. And because of this, my sex drive is through the roof and uncontrollable at times.

Now with the body of a Muscle Goddess, whether I'm at the beach in a string bikini, the grocery store or strutting my stuff on-stage at the strip club, I get stared at and attention from men who desire and want me.

If you want to talk to a hot, Muscular MILF who will rock your world, pick up the phone and call me, I'm waiting...
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  3. I am not an anything goes talker. If you have questions about a call with me, please send me a message and ask.
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