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Master H

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I CAN VERIFY THIS IS ME ON CAM IF NEEDED Yeah that's me...I know -- I am the pain in your pleasure. And I fuck minds without a condom; hard, raw and deep up to the tip, smoking and smiling myself silly as I bust my attitude and deviance all up in. Straight through,your cortex and watch it stick on and wrap up the cerebral part of you that used to give away 'will' for 'free'src=""> anytime life granted you an opportunity to think. Life and the word free are no longer synonymous with any other four letter word other then 'Mike' and the one he might address you byCUNT...l don't play off a script and I don't play into you unless we're playing Life and you better understand if you see or hear me...I'm always playing that. H I JUST got back from ANOTHER year in ANOTHER war and have been doing that and plenty more then you'd ever imagine for as far back as I can don't go asking if I'm tough. A 20 MINUTE MIND FUCK BY ME THAT SENT HIM TO THE HOSPITAL Be aware that you have just joined or stumbled across the spot where I let mutha' fucka's get a taste of the beautiful debacle engaging with me for a night will get you. I am the truth this bitch-cunt world needs and the power man's emotions need for progressive fuel. I go by Master H but you can call me sir. I'm not gonna' waste anybody's time with a bunch of lies about my SUPREME POWER AND RIPPED, no, no, you can get your pathetic hopes up elsewhere if you need a scam like that to get you going. When your done, feel free and respond seriously to any of those Nigerian fucks e-mails which probably tempt your inbox daily.This isn't some retarded shit like peoples script says is what you want...because you are the fucking script and I am the fucking writer- H Juicy Get it sticking than stuck in your head now or probably later on this one truth--by reading this you have given yourself the choice that not many ever get and that is to have the power to contact me whenever you please...that's something a lot of the sub-humans which praise me everyday to closed ears would die for, Lick my ass bitch