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Alice Sunshine

REAL Proof I'm Real - I'm home alone, wanting...

Welcome To one of my favorite listings...SEX

Sex can be so intimate, so wonderful, so mind blowing, when you are with the right person. I am at a loss for words to describe what each call means to me. It leaves me breathless sometimes, I've even cried...

I hold nothing back with you, I don't want to. I want to let loose and explore what we have together...what adventures await us now?!?!? Oh what fun we will have!!!  



Ok, I will share a secret with you... I like to close my eyes during calls, it makes it easier to TOUCH, FEEL, SUCK, and FUCK you. It helps me BE there with YOU or you here with ME. It helps me to reach out accross space and time so that we can become one as we explore one another.



I love running my fingers down your body, tickling you, making your flesh respond to my touch. YOU WILL FEEL ME as we make sweet love to one another...Mmmm, love in all its forms is so beautiful. Come into my arms, let me hold you close. Let me taste your sweet lips on mine. 


Hold my hand and follow me down the rabbit hole...down where dreams come true.


REAL Proof I'm no ordinary flirt. Check out June 2017's issue of Scientific American:

Not quite what you are looking for? No problem! I offer a variety of yummy options to meet all your needs simply  (Click Here) to view a completel list of all my lines. Each is tailored to You 100% by Me (some are a work in progress).