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Switch Looking to Practice/ Be Practiced On

First things first: I'm younger, hotter, and smarter than you. I'm also a switch. I'm a grad student who is too busy getting her PhD to waste my time with young idiots who can't even fuck me right. Not that I would ever fuck them, honestly. So many of them are are too protective of their own pathetic masculinity to realize the bliss that is found in submitting to me as I tie them up, slap them around, and sit on their face while checking Twitter on my phone and deciding when they get to come, if ever. Recently, I sat in as a vanilla (lol) voyeur on a dungeon session between one of my Domme friends and her client. I laughed a lot when she gagged his mouth with her own panties and later made him bunny hop wearing a lacy pink pair of his own, like the sissy he is. He behaved himself well enough to get the reward of her piss all over him as he knelt down below her. I am very good at being a ~shocked lil observer~ but between this, and my last boyfriend--smart boy let me tie him to my bed while I made myself a drink and painted my nails, occasionally reaching over to run them or my nylons over his cock whenever I remembered he was there--I'm ready to Dominate more, and I think you'd make good practice. Lately, however, I've also been finding myself curious about what it would be like to learn a thing or two from a more Dominant man, someone who respects both my intrinsic, undeniable power and also my interest in begging to get fucked like the dirty little whore I can be. I don't expect much of you to be up for the challenge, but if you think you can teach me a lesson, I would like to hear you try. Also, since I am in school, why don't we give that old student/teacher scene a try, yeah? See who comes first.