Phone Sex

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Staring and sinking is better than thinking



Staring into spirals. Standing at attention. Mindlessly repeating the mantras programmed into you.

You have a thing for mind control. Admit it. Well, so do I. It's perfectly alright. It's natural. Natural, to want to stand and stare.

To want to smile and relax.

To need to stroke and surrender

To helplessly submit and obey.

You're eager to be programmed, pet. I can tell. And that's good—your body already getting horny, your mind already getting hazy—it's going to be so easy to wipe your thoughts away, isn't it?

Relax. Smile. Nod your pretty head. Good.

So easy to replace your brain with a simple loop. Locked on repeat. No will to resist. Isn't that right?

Relax. Smile. Nod your empty head. Good.

Whether you want to be a pretty plastic puppet, a rigid remote-controlled robot, a brain-drained bimbo drone... Your gender identity, your sexual orientation, these don't matter. What matters is, you want to stare and sink. Play and obey.

Staring and sinking is better than thinking, pet.

Stare at these pretty pictures while you dial the phone, and we'll talk very soon about how you're going to be brainwashed.

Stare and sink. Play and obey.

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