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Mistress Betty Jean

Financial domination with Princess Southern Belle

To become my personal financial domination phone sex you must successfully complete this first task. My time is very valuable and I will not tolerate it being wasted. I do not entertain time wasters or drive-by losers who are just looking to waste my time and get his rocks off. I am interested in long-term slaves. Think long and hard before you fill out the application and beg me to own you. You must be loyal to me and only me. Honesty and respect is a must. You must have money and be prepared to spend it on me. No excuses. You will sacrifice for me and put me above you. Realize you are easily replaced. If you mess up, you are gone. All women want to be showered with gifts, and pampered, that’s a given. Not all women deserve it like a Princess does though. I’m Princess Southern Belle, the most manipulative financial domme of your fetish fantasies. I’m not going to lift a finger to take money from you. My power over you comes from the control I gain over you when you’re weak for me. I don’t need to have dirt and secrets on you to get you to fork over your money. It comes from you willingly because you love me. Oh trust me, if you’ve had my sexy voice in your ear you will fall in love with your spoiled Princess. All of the money slaves do, and they keep giving to me because once you’ve had me in your life there is no life without me. You’ll find out though, I’ll get into your mind, your heart and into your bank account. I’m a Princess in every sense of the word. I’m beautiful, thin, tall, busty, with long dark hair and brown skin. I am a financial Domme and a greedy spoiled one. Do you deserve to pay tribute to me? Are you worthy enough to be my money slave and take me shopping or give me large amounts of cash whenever I demand it? If interested in financial domination with the gorgeous Goddess, Princess Southern Belle then email me. Call Goddess Southern Belle and/or Mistress Southern Belle for financial domination phone sex.By surrendering your devotional offerings you acknowledge that you are doing so for my happiness ONLY. There is nothing owed to you EVER. BRUTAL DOMINATOR bundle*M*Brutal Dominator V2 b[CS] She Mistress!!Erotic Mistress Avatar!!The Mistress AvatarSL Mistress CatWoman Bun

I cater to my phone sex man I will fulfill all of your needs. Let me start by greeting you at the door. Kiss you softly; you are my phone sex man. I will take your coat and free your hands. I loosen your tie and slide off your shirt. I give you a relaxing message, by candlelight, with my scented oils. Just relax your wish is my command. I will massage your feet with warm oil. You are my phone sex man, and mine to spoil. I want to show appreciation for everything you do. I will ease your fears and take away all of your stress. Anything for you, I want to give my best to my phone sex man. I cater to every wish and demand with no questions asked. Turns me on when I see my phone sex man enjoying the physical pleasures I do to him. It is all about your happiness.