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The Game Changer


Anonymous Straight here. 6' 185lbs. worked out, chill, here to slowly bleed you dry. I might reveal myslef for a price. There is NO NEED for ME to yell about being an Alpha, or a God because when you are you do not need to yell it for people to believe it, you just are or you are not. If you have to say you are an Alpha then you are not an Alpha. It is hysterical to see these little small guys on here who claim to be Alphas or even claim to be Straight. That shit is funny. They can be snapped like a twig. Call me of you want to or not it does not matter to me. I have my own money and do not need yours but I will be happy to bleed you slowly if you can handle that. Im not jealous of others and I do not try sabotoge other flirts because that is not the behaviour of an Alpha, it is the behaviour of a little bitchboy. Thats it. Call me or Not. I do not give a fuck!