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Princess Dalia's Mindfuck Special

Once upon a time, a fuckboy called me a "greedy little bitch," and My first response was to tear him apart. Another time, I met this completely useless flesh-bag of a manchild off of Tinder with the tiniest dick! hahaha I made him suck My toes and cum all over himself. they both had something in common; they both talked huge game about how they would dom Me, and yet, who was really in Control? Me. The thing is..I've always been a bratty Princess, and I'm done denying who I am. My time is precious, and you are to be grateful of My attention. I will humiliate you the second you even begin to think you might have any comparable worth to Me. just give up, you might be all big and machismo on the outside, but in reality you're just a little bitch who is only good for catering to My every need. I will look you to your core, make you shiver from the resounding fact that I see right through your pathetic existence, and I give you direction, reason within your mediocrity.

you can refer to me as Princess Dalia. you're on this site because you're desperately yearning for some kind of recognition; I understand your desire. Sadly, My little bitch, you will not receive that from Me. you are My footstool, My massage chair, My dishwasher. you are only worthwhile when you are useful to Me. If you cannot comply, do not waste my time.

I am an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful Princess who will decide what is best for you. If you are to serve Me, you will with complete admiration and humility. you will understand that My Discipline is what's best and only when you are completely at My mercy, will you be allowed to feel pleasure. Even then, your "pleasure" is only relevant when it pleasures Me, and you are to enjoy licking the bottom of My feet.


Because I want it and the only time you are worth a breath of acknowledgement is on your knees, with those begging eyes, paying respect to Me. Not only am I smarter than you, I am way out of your league sexually. I am young with a sexy thick yet petite body. Pathetic pigs like you remind Me daily with their stares. My ass is absolutely perfect, with a tiny waist to compliment my perky breasts. I am a classically beautiful woman who was born to Dominate.

I will do whatever I please to you. Forced feminization, anything my devious mind can salivate over. You're to be dommed by me in every possible way. How well can you beg to eat my pussy while wearing my panties?

Call me if you're ready for a real mind fuck.