Phone Sex

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Sui Basilis

∞ $ilent Worship ∞ Financially $ucked ∞ IGNORED ∞

I'm not unused to being admired from afar.
The fact that you are here, reading this,
rather shows I am more than deserving of
worship & pampering in whatever ways I desire.

If you can't serve My kinks,
then you will serve My bank account.

Do I need all that money?

Not particularly.

I am and always have been debt-free,
I am university-educated, ambitious,
highly capable, & just fine without you.

So, why are you allowing Me
to drain the money you work for?

Oh darling, why wouldn't you?

Think about it, love,
you've worked so hard for it
but it was never meant for you.

If you honestly believed it was,
then think about why you've felt
an emptiness, loneliness in your life.
Think about why you're here, right now.

You work and you suffer,
for the hopes of that one Woman.
That One Woman you know is just worth it all,
for the hope that you could impress her, please her.

All you've done, all you've worked for,
it was always meant for Me.

You can't deny it, can you.

You know you need to give in to Me.

That need will only grow, unless you...Succumb.