Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Are you looking to be humiliated
by a Superior Woman?
Are you, perhaps looking for sissy training?
Trust Me, you need training.
You need to tell Me your deepest,
most secret desires.
You crave to be controlled by Me.
You are desperate to please Me.
I am a strict, but loving, Mistress.
I am a sadist. I am what you need.

If you are not ready to commit
do not waste My time.
I will only consider those who understand
that it is not about what they want
but rather how they can serve.

Are you looking for a Mistress but have none in your area?
Are you, perhaps, too shy for a live session?
Do you need the utmost discretion?
Do you crave the dominance of a Woman
who will hold the promise
of seeing Her face over you like a carrot on a stick?

I offer online/email domination
in the form of tasks you will perform
to prove you can do what you are told.
I will require proof.
I also offer Findom to those who are worthy
but you must prove yourself to Me first.
Other fetishes can be discussed.
I do NOT offer watersports,
needle play or age play of any kind.

I have a background in finance and will control your wallet
better than you ever could.
If you have an interest in becoming nothing more than
My paypig, we can discuss it.

When you address Me
you will refer to Me as My Lady Wyvern or Mistress.
If you cannot spell, use capital letters where needed, punctuate,
or do not know the difference between your and you’re,
do not bother contacting Me.
However, with the proper approach,
you may earn the privilege of live camera sessions.

Send Me a gift and I may send you a picture of Me enjoying it.
Or put some thought into it and see if you can please Me
by choosing something else from My wish list.
I reward thoughtfulness.
If you are truly submissive and will obey without question,
then perhaps you are worthy of Me.

Enroll now for sissy training!
More coming soon!
Sissy Training(Non-humiliating)

Only those who have proven their value will be allowed to see Me unmasked.
Are you worthy?