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Primal Switch Sapiosexual 30/F/FL

Primal Switch Sapiosexual 30/F/FL

100% Bondage Giver
100% Bondage Receiver
100% 100% Slave
100% Submissive
100% Switch
100% Brat Tamer
100% Dominant
100% Experimentalist
100% Masochist
100% Master/Mistress
100% Non-monogamist
100% Primal (Predator)
100% Primal (Prey)
100% Sadist
75% Exhibitionist
75% Voyeur
51% All-Rounder
51% Pervert
25% Vanilla

Preliminary Research on Instinctive Mannerisms and Assessment of Animalistic Loving (PRIMAAL) Results:
You have reached 49 of 50 points, (98%) You are definitely a Primal. You live for the hunt, and thrill to the chase, no matter who or what it is you seek, or how long it takes. You categorize everyone you meet as either predator or prey, and you don’t mind if the determination process gets messy. In fact, you quite like it that way. You can sense weakness and fear a mile away. You are guided by your instincts and senses, even when they run counter to reason and logic. You are fiercely loyal to your pack and a good friend to have.

Free emails, vanilla correspondence and friendship welcomed!


#1 Emotional fetish= honesty. HONESTY IS HOT. Openness. I tell on myself because that's what I hope for one day from the person I can actually trust. No matter their "mistakes" I would see them as perfect and even praise the mistake because at least they were HONEST. Is why I actually crave to share my partners and never jealous but it actually turns me on. The honesty. By my spouse saying they want to rape someone else makes me want to in fact rape my spouse. No one I've ever been with has taken me up on the honesty fetish, I've been lied to instead and I never understood why people would lie to the one girl who gets her rocks off on mistakes.

I wasn't as good as talking about it being a craving as I am now. In my vanilla world it was unheard of that a girl would want to take her partner to the club and play like we're not together so that girls will flirt with him in front of her. Knowing they will be more open about it if we pretend he's single. Our little secret. Knowing it would torture him even to watch my eyes devour the scene while he can't break character to fulfill the desire gleaming there for him.

Honesty. Openness. It's not the sharing with someone else I crave, it's them letting me inside the bubble. Even if I knew they at that moment they are only interested in the other person... would be even hotter. Because they're letting me watch as they shut me completely out. It's sounds like I have a fetish to hurt my own feelings to vanilla people. And to bdsmers I usually seem like I would enjoy a 3some. smh I would never want to touch another person even if asked to. Is even I would say a very timid hard limit for me. I have dated women. I enjoy boobs more than you? Trust me. But when I'm with someone, I see ONLY them sexually, no matter how attractive the other person is. I could tie her up, spank her, help her please you.... sigh. This is like the tip of the iceberg with fetishes with me.

Fetish #2= I enjoy making people happy not myself. I was told once that it's selfish to do so because I'm enjoying it, so is actually for my own benefit to benefit others. When I think of the small things I do daily to positively influence the people around me I can see where he's coming from. Not just people I am close to but the bum on the street, or giving back mistaken extra change to the cashier, praising people who do not deserve it (all the time bad about that one) I do it because it makes me feel better a little inside to make someone smile.

Fetish #3= Praise for making people happy. A master who says "Thank you" often could get me to jump off a bridge for them on que. I very much enjoy positive feedback and again is selfish of me to do things for someone else hoping for a small pat on the head in recognition at some point.

Top 3 physical fetishes~
Slapboxing, scratching/biting, and blow jobs. I am the only woman I've ever known to actually enjoy giving head more than the guy receiving it (2nd emotional fetish) I can go for hours if they're enjoying it. Where as sex i'm hypersensitive and cum very quickly and multiple times before they even realize they should stop me before I burst an artery. I say slap boxing first even though I do adore spanks. I am a huge pain junky. If you're going to just spank me don't expect more than a smile unless you really lay into it. I would probably be more interested in things I can't even mention here

It's no fun to hurt myself unless I'm told to, along with belt choking. Although the girl I loved was very dark soul and a cutter. I adored that side to her even though scared me that she was hurting her beautiful skin. I knew she was enjoying it and made her feel better:( I could never freak out or question it only sympathize and understand because I'm an enabler. Another flaw that has gotten me very hurt over the years. Allowing them to dig their own holes while I watch and casually hand them the shovel. Metaphorically this pertains to every flaw you could imagine someone can have. I love them anyways and want to be there for them and even help in some way if possible.

I do not believe in sex before marriage. I was 3 yrs celibate before last September. Touching anyone else but the last person I will ever touch is like cheating on him without knowing it. Yes this from the poly pansexual, anti-jealous, "cuckquean". I love sex, I just only want it with one person. They can have whoever else they want. I'm obsessive and tired of getting hurt. I have NO problems with having sex itself I'm actually hypersensitive. Never use toys and cum in under a minute with no penetration. People with high sex drives do not scare me, I have one as well. I'm satisfied easily and if you're still wanting, well you are allowed others suited to whatever challenge you face honey. You kids have fun I'm gonna do the dishes, finish the floors. Maybe take a bubble bath if in need of aftercare;)

My anti-jealous side stems from knowing that life can get boring! I want them to be happy no matter WHAT it is that pleases them. I will not share my intimacy, but I actually prefer it if my partner shares theirs. I could care for another without wanting to sexually touch them. Or if it was just a playmate, I could probably tie her up or spank her? Rougher than you and more to her dark tastes that you never quite understood muahahaha Maybe teach her to do tricks, She can be our new coffee table. TA-DA!! The point here is idc as long as it's honest. This comes from being lied to and cheated on by those I love. It was always the lie that hurt the most.

I have a Finance degree (not offering services) and was store manager for 3 yrs but I also duel majored for a year in Philosophy. Some times my thoughts just all come out at once, especially when I'm excited or adrenaline rushed. I can't really tell you what exactly the book I'm writing is about because I just write and don't really think about purpose. A lot of it is universal consciousness, quantum science, renewable energy, metaphysics; chakras, frequencies, divine ratios, string theory. How people respond to each other without realizing it and affect each other through their emotions and thoughts.

Hobbies include but never limited to: mtg, warcraft (since vanilla), D3, Hearthstone. Cartoons: zim, rick and morty, tenchi, fma, hellsing. Vamp fetish: lost boys, ann rice, robert jordan, joseph campbell. Science buff: Fibonacci, Tesla. Star Trek. Movies: Reservoir Dogs, American Mary, Boondocks Saints, Resident Evil.

Music lately has been all metal fetish, 300 bpm to my eardrums makes the ringing go away somehow? George Kollias is a beast, or Krihm has so much power <3 Slayer, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Nile, Immolation, Kataklysm, Sepultura. Elderwind and atmospheric. I also love all sorts of music generally. Alternative or classic rock, some country for my sappy side. I play piano, flute, and can read guitar tab but suck at it still.

Born and raised Florida swamp rat. I love being in nature! Last September I moved down to the springs right on a lake with huge protected state parks around it.... only cows, no Walmart, no police station, just a little food mart and a library. I gave up all my possessions to move in to a fish hut on the water... It was so hard to come back to the city....

Well... that's me "in a nutshell"... scary thought right? Yes there is so much more. Hope we can talk and be friends even if not really what you're looking for... (this is the part where you say shut up Pandora! of course we'll still be friends silly girl) and if I argue about it... well I deserve to be punished ;) hope you are having a great night!

"Brat tamers are, in essence, dominants who can handle naughty submissives. They find disobedience a form of playfulness from the submissive's side, rather than a form of rudeness, and will take no offence to it, but will still teach the sub a lesson (because, of course, that's why the bratty sub shows such behavior)."