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Hi im Kat. Im a 5'8" plus size pinup model, published in several magazines. I will discuss sexual topics and I really like to know that you are masturbating as we chat.......yet I am not the one to call if you are looking for 'phone sex'. I simply discuss adult issues and topics. I'll tell you what I really think. I am far from a prude, love sex and have a sexy voice. I'd rather we talk, if you masturbate I love that. There isn't a whole lot that I haven't heard. I am not here to judge you. Don't be afraid to share your secrets with me. I am open to discussing many alternative lifestyles as well as cross dressing, fem dome fantasies, bi or gay curious etc I will NOT discuss any fantasies or alternative lifestyles that include children, animals or abuse. I will also not feed into incest fantasies regardless of the age of the person you're fantasizing about. As I mentioned before. I am an open person and can understand just about any lifestyle, fantasy, or fetish but there ARE limits and I will be honest in my answers regardless of what I can tell someone may be looking to hear.I am a very grounded reality based woman.I am both friendly and open minded however will never coddle anyone with lies to make them feel better. I am honest with my opinions and views.If you are crude or disrespectful I will suggest you call someone else who has listings geared towards that kind of thing. I am NOT a submissive woman by any stretch of the imagination, but I am also kind and quite humorous. Call me...... Want To Buy Me A Gift? View my wish list!