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FriskyFran UP for ANYTHING!

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Hey There!
This is my updated profile with new pics! (7/16/16) I was in the mirror the other night...feeling...FRISKY!
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Some of you may know I've been on NF since February and I still love it here on NF!
I will be on here more often as my schedule has opened up! So that means MORE calls, MORE Kink and MORE hot cum sessions!

Guys seem to love me (checkout the stellar reviews;) and I DEF love them back!
And I must say I am astounded at how much I have been getting off and connecting with my callers!
I mean double WOW!
I have found that I get off most on the power..the power of having you all open up to me in ways you can't with your wife and buddies...
I have been having some crazy intense role play and GFE sessions!
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I must say those have been my fav so far.
I also adore my little subbies!
How they are willing to STRETCH themselves in ways previously unimaginable for lil ol' me.
I fucking love it.
I have totally ruined my bed sheets... couch room floor...oh, yea and my kitchen counter...while on NF calls! I hate to admit it but...the callers are not the only ones addicted to kinky phone play...
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Now here are some basics about me!
I'm Fran here hailing from Atlanta, Ga by way of Southern Louisiana!

Wow, this is actually kind of funny to me that I am writing my "About Me" on a Phone Sex Site!

I say this because back when I was working at as a 'ToGo' Girl at Chilis I was always accused of trying to seduce the customers! HA!

Yes, Fran is short for Franchesca!
(No, Franny is not okay! Lol It rhymes with "Nanny" and "Granny"- Not Sexy!! haha)

So, what brings me here?

Well, I'm a bit of a friendly...horny...sexually limitless kinda girl! And sometimes guys in real life are just too...stuffy!

Don't get me wrong. My sex life is great!
My boyfriend rocks BUT I just have this...itch for more..mind scratching it?

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I am a girl with a brain and personality!

I love to laugh and Crack jokes

I love to actually converse with makes the whole getting off thing more...intense!

Now, speaking of getting off...

Many things make me do that...

I fucking ADORE hot ROLE PLAYS!!

So if you have a fantasy you wanna play out on the phone...I'M Your Girl!

I also love anything dealing with group sex! (Super hot!)
I can be both dominate and submissive! I truly get something different out of both! I cum hard either day!

I am a very passionate person so once I am into it...there is not turning back! We are both gonna cum until we cant anymore!!

I really don't have any limits that I can think of! I'm open to explore all kinds of hot shit! Are you?

Oh Yea, and I love ANAL!
Just FYI =)
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Boobie Pics (3 Pics)
My Sweet Pussy Full Body Pics
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