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Nina Nova

Losers to the Front ♥ Humiliation+Pain+Cuckolds


I'm neither a professional nor lifestyle domme. I have a lot of respect for both, but if you're coming to me, that's not what you're looking for. You just want someone who's got genuine ire, who knows what a total waste of flesh you are and wants to destroy you for it.

Yeah, I know that you're a gross pervert. You think you're special? I deal with your kind all the time; guys who couldn't dream of getting with a girl as cute and sexy as me, so you stand back, groveling silently, hoping that maybe today I'll notice you. Fat chance. The only attention you'll get from me is laughter, scathing insults, and sarcasm. If that sort of thing gets your pathetic prick hard, then you really are hopeless. Hopefully you're a fan of licking holes, because that's as close as you'll ever get to fucking me.

I have no intentions of making you cum. That does nothing for me. What does do something for me is having you hurt, hearing about all the attention the girl you want-- or maybe even your wife-- is getting from real men while you helplessly jerk your pitiful excuse for a dick hard. You don't deserve her. You deserve nothing but pain. Emotional or physical -- pick your poison. But know that when you call me, you'll be paying, either in tributes, tasks or tears.

// Humiliation // Assignments // C&BT // Whoring // Small Penis Humiliation // Kinkshaming // Facesitting // Ass + Breast + Pussy Worship // Confession // Pegging // Chastity // Cuckoldry // Financial Domination //

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