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Goddess Merghan

You're not good enough for Me ~*~Ignore Line~*~

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Goddess Merghant

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Welcome to Goddess Merghan's Ignore Line -
You are nothing more to me than a wallet.

I am your fantasy, your wetdream, your financial nightmare.
I am a sexy as hell BBW Dominatrix with years of experience as a Mistress, but you will call Me Goddess. Understand?

I am so much better than you, you don't deserve to even speak My name, let alone hear My voice, and yet if you pay enough I'll allow you a glimpse into My life. But don't get your hopes up, I'll never speak TO you.

When you call and pay Me I will ignore you and you. will. LOVE. it.

Ha! You're a silly little pay piggy, aren't you? I will answer your call but that is the only acknowledgement you're going to get from Me, and you're going to get off on that, aren't you? Oh yeah, you are. You know you want to hear Me laugh with My friends about another quivering dumbass loser has called Me, don't you? You want Me to tell them how I just know you have a silly little mini dick and so you will never be good enough to get an amazing BBW like Me to touch you.
Hearing my voice laughing about you in the background while I go about my life spending your money is going to make your teeny twitching dick so hard.

The only hard thing of yours that I care about is your credit card.

I have many things that excite Me but my biggest turn on is draining a man of all his money.
Mmm... now that gets Me soooo wet.

You're really worth nothing to Me if you're not paying Me or buying Me things. So what will it be?

What was that? You are too shy to call and be ignored? I knew it, you're just a little wimp. Well that's fine, you can also text me. And I'll even reply to you... but you aren't going to like what I have to say. Want to know what I truly think of you? You know you do. ;)

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