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APRIL 2017 ~Domina wants to pry at your mind

Salem here, looking forward to prying My way into your mind and learning all about you! I want to hear all about your kinky fantasies, confessions and your ideas. I also want to know you. Really find out what you're about while I allow you to pick My brain. And the more you really let go and trust Me, the more fun you'll have. I want to know all about your dirty little secrets. Tell Me about your fantasies. Tell Me how much you hate your annoying wife and how you wish you could fuck Me instead. Tell Me about that one time you went so far over the line that you were scared half to death but haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Confess your sins to Me. I want all of your darkest secrets and things that you've never been able to share with anyone. I'm like a vault. I'll never ever reveal your secrets. I just want to know about them because they're entertaining as fuck. And I'll tell you all of My nasty little secrets too and give you fleeting glimpses of My life...things that you just dream about, things you wish your boring wife did. Things you wish you could do with Me. Talk to Me about whatever you want to. Or just listen to Me talk. I know that you've got a lot to say or maybe you're just lonely and you need some company. I'm here for you. Confide in Me. Confess.

Want to get to know Me? Here is your chance. Ask Me anything and I'll answer. I'm on My own planet. Do you want to hang out in My world for a while?

This is your chance to get to know Me, and also My chance to get to know you! I'm interested in the whole spectrum-- SEX, domination and submission, culture and society, music, art, food, travel, sexual exploits, politics, film, literature..I could go on and on. The bottom line is, I am extremely easy to talk to and I will not judge you. I am simply fascinated by the human condition and we can talk about anything-- nothing leaves the box.

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