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Kandi Poppin

Kandi's Poppin' Open your Wallet

Kandi Poppin

All guys want to be with me but no one seems to understand why it is the older men who really love me and what I prefer. Let me explain why old men love younger, hotter girls so much.

Older men will cheat on their wives to be with a hot young candy girl like me. Let me also tell you why I completely exploit situation. You see I am young, at the prime of my sexuality which means my body is absolutely perfect. I have been a candy girl for some time but I was jailbait . They can't resist young pussy but they are not getting this one though,{unless they spoil me really good and are hot, No wrinkled balls are slapping this perfect pussy) but I am perfectly open to tormenting old guy with my bare pink pussy.

I am pretty sure it is a biological thing they instinctively know when to breed and their wives are long past their prime. According to biology, girls my age are are ripe for the fucking. When men look at me you can see their reptilian brain taking over, forgetting everything else so I use that to my advantage, call me a gold digger! They can pay with money, presents and spoiling to get to have just a taste of my promise, a promise that will long, if not forever go unfulfilled.

I am hot, sexy and smart and see no reason the guys who want to use me cannot be used to pay for the lifestyle I demand. I love submissive old men..