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Victoria Vix

Don't make me play with myself alone :- (

Hello there, my name is Victoria but people call me Vix. You on the other hand, can call me whatever you want!

I am all alone and wanting to play :- ( Please don't be mean and come play with me! I'm just a call away!

To be totally and completely honest I really do enjoy and love having sex! Well GOOD sex I love and enjoy lol I have this thing though, I have this very high sex drive! As in I go into this mode considered as my “bunny mode”! This is a reference from how they say bunnies mate so often how they are having so much sex, then compared to how I get horny so often! lol This is shown in how I keep going until both me and my partner is worn out and neither can continue any longer, that’s when we take a pause till one can go again! :-) It is so torture to be so horny all the time! I also have a very long stamina and fuse, as in for me a quickie is a half hour.

I love dirty talking! I also love having some fun! So call me up and we can talk about all the things we like! ;- ) From Different fantasies and fetishes we don’t dare tell the world to playing out a girlfriend role. I would love to hear from you! We are going to have a lot of fun, first you have to call me! I can be whatever or whoever you need or want me to be! So let our fun begin! ;-)