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Therapist Samantha Summers

The Slow, Sweet Unraveling into the Abyss

Sexual Exploration with Samantha.
Taking you places you’ve never been before.
Deep, Intimate, Probing Conversations.
For a moment I command that you imagine a busy metropolitan area. A large city; one that might represent the part of you that is carefully contained, controlled... Civilized.
A diverse and busy city…Oh let the silly prattle of girls seek mere boys for I seek MEN. Let us prevail to separate the men from the forever boys. Surely I shall make you a better man.
Now, Follow. Yes, follow me down to places beyond imaginary city walls.
For I invite you to travel with me… Because I want to release you. Find your Exposed Seams. The ever growing, interlocking threads and fibers that bind.
To invoke the slow, sweet unraveling, and began the strange and wonderful descent into the hidden you...The hidden me....The hidden we.
All the way to the edge of the Sea… Where so called civilization gives way to the untamed… the unknown…Deep Waters...Those Forgotten places. The Secret places in your psyche. Unlock doors in your complex sexuality..
I want to take you to all of the above. And ALL that is in-between.
Are you ready?
For I am absolutely equipped to take you there and beyond... Enough of the cliches we toss around like confetti. Enough of the banality of terms such as evil. No more labels, absolutely erasing the previous script. I want to explore every inch of you...Know you, as I walk the hallways of your psyche, and find the hidden you...searching for that single thread..
That starts the unraveling... the unraveling to find the hidden you... the you that existed before they got to you.
Shall we began?

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." -Carl Gustav Jung


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