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Ignore Line - Just Because you are pathetic sucker

This is The Line for YOU, paypigs, pindicks and worthless nothings and nobodys.... because YOU actually are too worthless to talk to me and Your Loser ass isnt worthy my attention. My busy life is actually so fulfilled, that you can consider yourself to be lucky if i actually happen to answer your Call. If i do.... You get NOTHING You can try to beg me to talk to you while i am at the mall shopping, having my dinner, enjoying time with my girlfriends or having sex with someone else. Because YOU are too pathetic Loser!!!! What will You get??? NOTHING!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Because you are not worthy ***NOTE: Ignore Line means you're calling to be IGNORED!!! Don't ask Me to actually TALK to you, and get on your knees for the fact that I actually bothered to answer or to say HELLO to you before listening to you begging me, or watching someone doing my dishes...... .....i will be listening to dimes rolling into MY ACCOUNT account. Its the only noise that i can tolerate!!!!!!