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You need "therapy" and I have an empty couch

I am an UNLICENSED THERAPIST that specializes in having friendly, nonjudgmental conversations with others seeking positive guidance for their lives.

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You can call me to discuss those things you've been afraid to open up to others about. It may be something of a sexual nature you're trying to sort out, or maybe you just need an understanding and patience shoulder to either lean or cry upon.

The actual reason(s) you want to speak with another person really doesn't matter, but what does matter is that when you reach out, you do so with someone that will reach back in a caring way.

  • It may be as simple as you wanting to garner an outside and unbiased opinion in a matter with another person. (Like a spouse, partner, or friend)

    Maybe you need to speak with someone about a recurring anxiety that's undermining a personal or professional relationship.

    Maybe there is something profoundly spiritual going on in your life and you need another spiritual being to consult with on the matter. It's okay. Call me and lets talk.

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